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Mar 25th, 2019

Jan 18th, 2019

  • Deployed Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tool which helps with extracting intent and entity for AI intelligence. NLU tool will help with building training data set for the bot.

Mar 25th, 2019

Feb 1, 2019. 
A pilot version has been deployed so users can register a lifetime account.
The Employee, HR Manager, and HR Admin accounts have been created.

Mar 25th, 2019

Mar 15, 2019 

  • Registration now requires a set of personalized questions and answers for each user
  • This adds a security layer, so login is only possible after security questions have been answered 

Mar 25th, 2019

Mar 25th, 2019 
  • Workflow > Tasks > Forms  are added for each HR manager account 
  • Forms now have drag and drop functionality as shown below 


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